Don’t wait until the last minute and then pull an all-nighter to get your 50th reunion essay done!  Start NOW and remember your Yale training:

Don’t wait until the last minute!
  1. Read the assignment.  (See instructions.)
  2. Decide what you want to say.  Do a quick outline.
  3. Do a “shitty first draft” as fast as possible — less than an hour.  Do it NOW.  (Benefits: It triggers your thinking, stimulates alternatives, gets the monkey off your back and sets up a tangible object to react to later.)
  4. Set it aside long enough to forget what you wrote.
  5. After the draft “percolates,” come back later and finish.


In July 2017, the Reunion Committee sent a letter with a great description of what your “50th Reunion Essay” should contain.  It’s best if you read that for clear direction.

ClassBook.  Your essay will be printed in a 50th Reunion ClassBook similar to our 25th Reunion ClassBook.  We are breaking tradition (again!!) by including up to 3 color pictures with each essay and printing the book in a larger size.

“Objective Data.”  In addition to the essay itself, each entry will show your Name followed by a block of “Objective Data” composed of any information you wish to share, such as address, phone, marriage(s), child(ren), education, honors, etc.



  1. Write the essay.  500 word maximum. You will likely use word processing and submit the essay in digital form.  But the Editors are happy to accept any legible submission, even something handwritten!
  2. Prepare pictures (if you want).   You are encouraged to include photos or other images.   We’ve prepared a mini-tutorial to assist you in getting digital images ready.  Ultimately, you’ll want good, high-resolution images in a popular digital format (like jpg, png, jpeg or gif).  Captions are optional.
  3. Get Help (if you need it).  If you are struggling, ask for technical help (email: or editorial help from the ClassBook Editor (email:


When you have your essay (and any pictures) ready for upload, fill out the following form with your Name (required) and any of the other fields (optional).

If you prefer to submit your essay by regular mail or by email, see “Alternative Submission Methods.”



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