The Class will celebrate its 50th reunion on a weekend in late May or early June, 2019.  Date and host college will be confirmed in the Autumn of 2018.

This section of the website will summarize — or point you to — everything related to the reunion.

And this page will be updated from time to time with new information.

Main Focus Now – The 50th Reunion ClassBook

We break the mold again!  (Just like we did to the coat and tie rule.)   Instead of having Yale print a boring old “reunion classbook” that every other class gets, we said, “No, we’ll do it ourselves, thank you.”

Enter our own Arthur Klebanoff (PC), owner and operator of Rosetta Books.  Art has made his entire company available at cost to the Reunion Committee and Editor in Chief for the 50th Reunion ClassBook.  What’s planned will knock your socks off: 4 color printing, a landscape layout, creative design, etc.  This won’t be some book you toss into a bookcase.  It will be a beauty.

A Reflection Of Us

The ClassBook will be a reflection of us — and each of us will make a contribution.  Broadly speaking, there will be three categories of content:

  1. Personal Essays – for each Classmate, there will be an entry.  The entry will contain the Classmate’s name and, optionally, contact information, a personal essay and some pictures.
  2. Class Survey – the Class Survey is a guaranteed-anonymous survey that will gather our views, experiences, achievements, disappointments and plans in a professionally designed, anonymized dataset that will then create some really interesting content for the ClassBook.  Reed Hundt (DC) will update the Class History.  Mike Baum (TD) will report on the spiritual dimensions revealed.  Richard Tedlow (MC) will create a report on where we go from here.  And the statistical profile and conclusions will be shared in a presentation at the reunion and a summary in the ClassBook.
  3. Contributed Content – The Committee and the Editor of the ClassBook want to include items of broad interest to members of the class.  Some essays have been “invited” already.  But there is an opportunity for other members of the class to suggest or create something.

Reunion Activities

The reunion itself will have some events for all classes — e.g., those wonderful lectures from current faculty on Saturday morning.  But our class will have room on the schedule for events or works reserved solely for our class.  The Reunion Committee seeks your suggestions, requests or preferences: What presentations and panels (by whom, about what), open discussions, entertainment, and optional activities should be offered?

College Captains

Each college will have one or more “college captains.”  These volunteers are available to help and encourage classmates to participate — to finish the Class Survey, to write their personal essay, to give input on content or activities and most of all to attend the reunion.

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