Yale’s Memorial Quadrangle (1917-1921) was partitioned into Saybrook and Branford Colleges in 1933, at the time of the creation of the Residential College system. Named simply for the nearby town of Branford, the College is not likely to have its name changed anytime soon.

In keeping with the faux Oxbridge gothic-nightmare style, architect James Gamble Rogers outdid himself in creating a superb specimen of the genre. Rogers had his construction crew break at least one pane in every window, and then re-soldered again, giving a Y-shape in many of the windows.

Branford’s showpiece continues to be Harkness Tower, built on a square base and ending in a perfect octangle at the top. The tower houses the carillon, and was reinforced with steel in 1981.

Notable alumni include John Ashcroft (US Attorney General) and Richard Brodhead (ninth president of Duke University). The Branford mascot is a squirrel.


George Alfred Schrader, Jr

Master, 1959–1966

John Philip Trinkaus

Master 1966-1973
(picture from when we arrived)

John Philip Trinkaus

Master 1966-1973
(picture from when we left!)

Memories and Observations

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