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Davenport College was completed in 1933. Its architectural style is done mainly in the Georgia style with a gothic façade along York Street. The College was named for John Davenport, who co-founded the city of New Haven as well as the nearby Hopkins School. The inner Georgian face of the College entrance displays a pair of yales. A yale is a mythical beast found in European mythology and heraldry. It is an antelope- or goat-like four-legged creature with large horns that it can swivel in any direction. Honest.

Davenport College boasts an unusual number of distinguished alumni. To wit, Rashid Khalidi, various Bushes, William F. Buckley, Garry Trudeau, David McCullough, Thornton Wilder, Robert K. Massie, Samantha Power, Kurt Schmoke, and, oh yes, Steve Schwarzman. Eat your hearts out.

A “yale” (heraldry)

Horace Taft

Master, 1966-1971

Daniel Merriman

Master, 1965-1966

Memories and Observations

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