Morse College was built in 1961 adjacent to Ezra Stiles College on the Old York Square behind the Graduate School, where Hillhouse High School once stood. Both Colleges were designed by Eero Saarinen in the neofuturistic style. Saarinen trained at the Yale School of Architecture, graduating in 1934. Morse’s unique distinguishing characteristic is the fourteen-story tower that looks out over New Haven. Residents of Morse College are known as “Morsels.” The College mascot is the walrus (le morse).

The College is named after Samuel Morse (Yale College, 1810), the American Leonardo, painter and inventor (the telegraph and Morse code).

Notable Morse College alumni(ae) include the actress Jennifer Beals, Olympic medalist Frank Shorter, and banker Douglas Warner.

John Whitney Hall

Master, 1967-1969

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