The headline in the New York Times on June 21, 1934, read “Yale Gets Funds for New College.” Yale President J.R. Angell announced that another gift by Edward S. Harkness, class of 1897, would support the building of the ninth and the next-to-last residential college (in the 1930’s). According to Angell, the college would be named Timothy Dwight College in honor of two of Yale’s Presidents, Timothy Dwight, Yale’s eighth president from 1795-1817, and his grandson, Yale’s twelfth president from 1886- 1899. Designed by James Gamble Rogers, class of 1889, the college would be ready for occupancy in September of 1935, to be built at an estimated cost of $1,300,000. The Timothy Dwights were two of Yale’s most illustrious presidents. Timothy Dwight the Elder was the grandson of Jonathan Edwards, the Yale-educated, former president of Princeton. In 1886 his grandson, Timothy Dwight the Younger, succeeded Noah Porter as president. The younger Timothy became known as the “Father of the University,” for it was under his direction that Yale became a university rather than a college surrounded by separate graduate schools.

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Thomas Goddard Bergin

Master, 1953-1968

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