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What is the purpose of the site?

Online Home.  This is the private online home for the Yale Class of 1969.  It’s a way for you to connect or reconnect with old friends and with Yale.  It’s a way to leave “Memories and Observations” posts and read those left by others.  It’s a way to comment, and see Classmates’ comments, all within a private site reserved for members of our Class.  Last, the site will support our 50th Reunion and become a repository of our collective experiences to savor in our later years.

Specifically, it’s for:

  • connecting and reconnecting
  • creating class cohesion leading up to reunion
  • creating a record for the future
  • creating an online space we can share now, around the reunion and beyond

Who is it for? Who can see it?

You must be logged in to see any of the important content on the site.

In order to have an account, you must be a “member” of the Class of 1969.  Basically, we accept anyone which the AYA says is a member of our class — and this includes:

  • people who dropped out and may or may not have graduated later
  • people who started earlier but graduated with us

The Class Leadership also can extend “honorary member of the class” status to surviving widows who wish to remain active (especially women who were active with us during the 60s), and faculty/administrators who were associated with us.

How is my privacy protected?

We want this site to be a private space where you can share your views and memories and comments … among people who have no reason to publish or share further.  We don’t enable sharing on Facebook, Twitter or any social network, for example.

We want you to be comfortable sharing personal information — so you are completely in control:

First, only members of the Class will be able to login and see your profile, your posts, your comments or anything related to you.

Second, you can “edit profile” and modify any information in your profile.  And any post or comment you add in any discussion will remain edit-able and delete-able by you.  And if you want more deleted, just contact us and we’ll help.

By protecting privacy, we hope you’ll contribute meaningful content that your Classmates will enjoy.  Add “Memories and Observations” to College, Major or Activity pages when you have a thought others would enjoy.  Flesh out your profile with mini-essays about your personal, family or professional life.

How do I edit my profile?

Basically you click on the “Edit Profile” button on your personal Profile.

White the “edit profile” screen is relatively straightforward, there are two “explanatory videos” which show you more detail about filling it out.

If you want to add pictures to your profile, see the video on “Adding Pictures.”

How do you create a "Memories and Observations" post?

Whenever you want to leave an observation, a story, a reflection about something — whatever  —  just click on the “Add Memories and Observations” button at the bottom of a page. That will open up a pop-up window where you can add title and body to a post that will be published on that page, and also on your profile.

See the Explanatory Video entitled “Adding Memories and Observations Posts

How can I contact a Classmate?

Use the search bar to find a Classmate and go to his profile page.   At the top, near his name, is a button that says “Email This Classmate.”

When you press the button, a form will pop up asking you for a “Subject” line and a “body” of your message.  Fill that out and press “send.”   The form will be converted into an email from YOU to the Classmate, sent via the website.

When he gets your message and responds, you will receive the reply in your regular email inbox.

Please suggest other questions in the comments field below. You can also email us the question at (or use the Contact Us form)

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