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       FAQs About This Site

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What Is The Purpose Of This Site?

Online Home.  This is the private online home for the Yale Class of 1969.  It’s a way for you to connect or reconnect with old friends and with Yale.  It’s a way to leave “Memories and Observations” posts and read those left by others.  It’s a way to comment, and see Classmates’ comments, all within a private site reserved for members of our Class.  Last, the site will support our 50th Reunion and become a repository of our collective experiences to savor in our later years.

How Do I Log-In? Who Is Welcome?

For Members Of The Class

  • You need a username and a password to login.  Your username is in the form of Lastname.Firstname (not case sensitive).
  • Missing password?  Use the “Lost your password?” link on the login page.  The system will email you a link to login.
  • Here is a one-minute video showing how to login.
  • Any trouble?  Email us at support@Yale1969.org or use the “Contact Us” form (on the menu bar, top right).

For Others

  • You have to be affiliated with the Class of 1969 to get access — but we are a welcoming bunch!  If you have a reasonable relationship to our class and want to celebrate with us, you can be an “honorary member.” Examples:
    • Faculty and Administrators from our years at Yale
    • Surviving spouses, especially those who participated with our Class in the 60s or at Alumni events since 1969
    • Yalies who overlapped our undergrad years but graduated later than 1969.  AYA may categorize them with their graduation year, but if they still have affinity and affection for us 1969ers, we can  include them!
  • To get access as an Honorary Member, use Contact Us to “apply” for a user account.  We’ll respond within 48 hours.

What‘s Private? What’s Public?

The college pages, major  pages, extracurricular activity pages and some administrative pages (e.g., resources, terms of service) are visible to the public.

Everything else is private — that is, you need to log in to see anything.  Private content includes:

  • Your profile
  • AllLatest News, Class Notes, Potpourri, In Memoriam and Announcements posts
  • All Memories and Observations posts
  • All Comments to any post

The site is designed so that you have total control over any information about you:

  • Any comment or post you add can be edited or deleted by you.
  • Any part of your Profile can be changed or deleted by you (and the full Profile can be deleted by contacting the webmaster)
  • The only exception is stuff that’s already printed: The Old Campus, The Banner, the 25th Reunion ClassBook and the 50th reunion essays after you approve them for print in the 50th Reunion ClassBook.

We hope this control and privacy will encourage you to share more fully.  Welcome home!

Why Should I Participate Here?

For better or worse, our Yale years were transformative.  Despite those polarized times, we learned and grew together, as part of a Yale community, our alma mater … our “nourishing mother” … Yale.  You had to be there to understand.

Well, this site is limited to people who were there … and who understand.

Their profiles, when updated by them, will enlighten you with their experiences.  Their reflections in Memories and Observations posts, or Comments to some other page, will stimulate your thinking about Yale, then or since then.  Having a button on a Classmate’s profile page to “Email This Classmate” will allow you to reach out to long-lost friends and acquaintances (while protecting their email address until they respond and reveal their return address.)

The site has been “seeded” with publicly available information on all Classmates including you — information from the Yale Banner, the Old Campus and some pictures from those years.  But the value of the site will largely depend on your updating your profile with a current picture, a couple paragraphs about your personal and career journeys so far, adding any graduate study and correcting any of the “seeded” information on the profile.  At a minimum, if everyone updates his profile, you’ll be able to see how life has unfolded, so far, for friends and acquaintances.

But the site delivers more: You and others are encouraged to leave short “Memories and Observations” posts on various pages. These essays can be something short and sweet, like laughing at memories of your first Mixer or something more extended, like reflecting on arriving at a coat-and-tie Yale and leaving in sandals and a tee-shirt.  We are starting with “Memories and Observations” posts (and you can learn more about them here), but we plans to extend the site with other ways to share and dialogue with each other — either about Life Beyond Yale or discussion groups organized around special interests or ways to showcase important “Works and Accomplishments.”

This is YOUR site. It will be as valuable as we collectively make it.  We strongly urge you to, at minimum, update your profile, but also to leave your insights and thoughts either a) in a Memories and Observations post or in Comments at the bottom of most pages on the site.

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