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“Ad Sci” was a department in search of an identity and respect while we were at Yale.   It was spun out of Engineering in the late 50’s or early 1960’s as “Industrial Engineering” and was still known as “Industrial Administration” in our freshman year.  “Administrative Sciences” was a classier name, which arrived in Sophomore year and stayed intact until the department merged into … and essentially seeded the faculty for the new School of Organization and Management when it launched in 1976.

The department’s naming challenges were mirrored in the internal divisions between the “behavioral sciences,” led by Chris Argyris and Richard Hackman (and later Clay Alderfer and Victor Vroom) and the “operations research” faculty anchored by Martin Shubik, Bob Fetter and heavy-duty “quants” who often consulted with RAND and the US DOD.   Until the School of Organization and Management arrived and Yale finally committed to serious business and organizational education and research, Ad Sci WAS the business school at Yale.

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