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Memories and Observations

Add Memories and Observations

Yale Wins NCAA Men’s National Lacrosse Title

After 47 years, Yale has ended the NCAA Division I men's lacrosse season as the best team in the country. I don't remember much about our lacrosse team.  Were we much of a contender? The Bulldogs' 17th win of the season ended nearly a half-ce...

The New “Memories and Observations” Section Launches

We've had several requests from Classmates to simply open the website up and allow people to write freestyle posts on any subject they'd like to share with the Class.  It might be a story, a scanned picture, a memory, a poem, a tribute to a teacher...

Tom Wolfe (RIP) And New York

Author's Note: The recent death of Tom Wolfe (Yale '57 PhD, American Studies) brought up a bunch of memories, some of which are in an article I wrote for LEAR'S magazine in 1990, and republished recently on Salon.  When we were in college I was ...


[1] The inaugural post in this section — Jim Sleeper’s profile of Tom Wolfe (Yale Ph.D, American Studies, ’57) — falls in that latter category; it’s not exactly connected to our Yale, although many of us loved many of Wolfe’s books.

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