This page lays out all the details about the reunion itself (May 30-June 2, 2019), as they are decided and finalized, and it can be accessed any time on the menu above, under “50th Reunion.”

Latest Update Date:
September 1, 2018

New Material:

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  • Future updates will add more details, so be sure to check back frequently.

Who’s Invited?

Classmates associated with the Class of ’69 and their spouses or other guests are welcome.  Anyone who attended Yale College during our years (9/65 – 6/69) is welcome to join us.

Where Will It Be Held?

Prior classes have held their 50th Reunions in Davenport College, but AYA has not confirmed this for us yet; we will announce the confirmation and update this page when we get it.

As has been the case in prior reunions, Classmates and their guests are welcome to stay in the college.  Given the recent renovations, staying in the college is not as primitive as it used to be … and details about en-suite bathrooms and the like will be posted after the college is confirmed.  Staying in the college is the most convenient, in that you can easily walk from your room to any reunion activity.

What Activities Are Planned?  What’s the Program?

The overall structure of the reunion program is similar to that of prior reunions.  The main activities are on Friday and Saturday.  The reunion itself starts on Thursday and there are some cool events planned for Thursday.  And Sunday morning is a great time to have a final brunch and gather ourselves to travel home.

Broadly speaking here are the types of activities that will flesh out the actual program:

  • Meals, cocktail receptions — these are very popular ways to visit with long-lost friends and enjoy ourselves;
  • Faculty presentations – on Friday and Saturday, mostly in the mornings, the University schedules a diverse set of presentations and lectures by current faculty members;
  • Dinner/Dance – Saturday evening, after dinner, we’ll have a live band (the Plastic Visitation) and dancing;
  • University-wide resources – the campus and many of the key resources (Payne-Whitney, Peabody, colleges, Beinecke, Sterling, Cross-Campus, Battell, etc., etc.) will be open and available for your viewing pleasure, or for sharing with your spouse or family;
  • Class-only Events – the Reunion Committee is hard at work putting together some events just for our class, and these will be offered on all four days of the reunion (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning).

As the program takes shape, we’ll update this page

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of attending the reunion is comprised of three different costs:

  1. Transportation to and from  Yale – you will make your own arrangements;
  2. The cost of the reunion activities and meals – when you sign up, you’ll choose which days you’ll attend and which meals you’ll eat; and
  3. The cost of housing – when you sign up for the reunion, you can add “staying in the college” to your charges.  Alternatively, you can make separate arrangements to stay in a nearby hotel.  See below for hotels.

The exact charge for the reunion and meals hasn’t been determined yet, but we’ll let everyone know when the cost is set.  Same for on-campus housing in the college.

How Do I Signup and Pay?

Sometime this winter, the AYA will create a signup page whereby you can sign up for the reunion activities and meals … and for on-campus housing in the college.  We will link to that page when it is available.


See our separate post, listing all hotels with contact information rates and information about parking for those staying overnight at locations not within walking distance.

We Are Staying On Top Of This!   The Reunion Committee has created a subcommittee to keep a very, very close eye on WHEN the New Haven hotels will open up reservations.  When we know that information, we’ll announce it on the website, update this page and send out an email to the entire class in the form of a “special edition” of the newsletter.

What Other Questions Do You Have?

If this page doesn’t answer a question you have, please email the webmasters at or use the Contact Us form.  We want this to be “Information Central” for the reunion.